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ABOUT Renewal

Renewal Neighborhood Ministry is 501(c)(3) organization serving families living in the neighborhoods near Post Road and 42nd Street.  

Renewal's mission is to transform our neighborhoods by strengthening families through the love of Jesus Christ.  We envision one day living in a vibrant community of supportive families building their lives on God's Word.

Renewal’s approach is to show our community the joy and fulfillment that comes from committing our lives to following Jesus Christ. That means modeling what it means to be a Christ-follower; developing loving, supporting relationships with families in our neighborhoods; and helping those families to overcome the obstacles they face, by connecting them with available resources and supporting them, encouraging them, and holding them accountable throughout their journey.

Renewal Neighborhood Ministry offers a broad and ever-increasing variety of programs aimed at transforming our neighborhoods by building relationships, encouraging children's education, and giving kids a safe, supportive environment to grow. These programs include one-on-one tutoring, summer programs, youth sports leagues, and our annual Christmas Store.

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